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My Girlfriend Weighs More Than Me. So What?

Reading this actually made me cry. I know I’m fat, I don’t hide it. But I struggle everyday because I know I will never find somebody who will love me for who I am inside, my heart, my mind because guys tend to not see past the outside. I also know I’m not ugly, I actually think some days, I even look cute. 

This made me cry because I have found my best friend, the person I love, the person I want to be with and share my life with. Sure, there are other boundaries in the way but… this whole story is so close to home, it hurts.

I know most guys can’t find fat girls attractive, Hell I can’t find myself attractive. But I think it mostly stems from the self-hate I have because I know I’m not what guys are looking for. But while I do have some physical preferences, we are all human after all, I fall in love with people who seduce my mind. I’m not even going to start on the internet love thing, or living in different countries. 

It’s just hard and it hurts to see exactly my story, but with the outcome I know I’ll never have. 

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